Uncle Scotty Boi

"We are the music makers, We are the dreamers of dreams.. "

Scott “Uncle Scotty Boi” Junk, born on December 17th was the youngest of two boys raised on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii. Scotty thrived in sports and although he hated school, his athletic acumen would eventually lead him to playing college football and professionally fighting in worldwide Mixed Martial Art competitions. But the light also brought darkness. The ugliness of betrayal had reared itself into Scotty's life so many times that he nearly lost hope. That is until he found the Circle of meaningful relationships he surrounds himself with now. In his own words, "My wife is the most Loyal person I have ever met! I don't deserve her!" Today, Scotty is an artist, an entrepreneur, a strong family man, a provider, and a proud father of five! Of his many endeavors, Music is one of his greatest passions. It runs through his veins and has always been his go-to in life since day one. The Hawaiian German rapper-singer-songwriter says, "I can't live without it! Silence hurts. You put me in a quiet room, I'll start beat-boxing or humming. I LOVE MUSIC!"